On these page you will find Jayarava's answers to the exercises in Saṃskṛtasubodhinī : A Sanskrit Primer by Madhav Desphande

Different Unicode Devanāgarī fonts will combine some conjunct consonants differently.

For instance nna can be written these two ways:
example of a sandhi
Arial Unicode MS vs Times Ext Roman.

It all depends on your browser settings. I tend to prefer Arial Unicode MS for displaying Devanāgarī, but Times Ext Roman is clearly better for Roman diacritics.

In Firefox you can specify different fonts for Western and Devanāgarī. Not sure about Internet Explorer.

I'm focusing on the Sanskrit to English translations as this is what we are doing in class. At some point I may go back and do the English to Sanskrit examples.

They haven't been proofread, please send any corrections to Jayarava via the Visible Mantra email. If you'd like to undertake proof reading then drop me a line also - I'll credit you!