image of maitreya
name of maitreya
ma tre ya

Maitreya is the next Buddha. He is currently waiting in the Tushita heaven for his time on earth which will be 5,670,000,000 years after the death of Śakyamuni. Afer this period the Buddhadharma will have completely died out, and Maitreya will 'rediscover' it just as all previous Buddhas have done so. Maitreya's emblem is the stupa, sometimes sitting on a lotus, as in this image, and his mudra is the wheel turning, or teaching mudra. He is sometimes shown as sitting in a chair western style.

Buddhists can sometimes be heard to pray: "Come Maitreya, come!"

Seed Syllable

Maitreya's seed syllable is maiṃ, which rhymes with the English word "sign". As in many cases this is the first syallble of Maitreya's name with an anusvāra.


Seed syllable 'maim' in the Siddham script or Seed syllable 'maim' in the Siddham script


Seed syllable 'maim' in the Tibetan script




maitreya mantra in Siddham script

Tibetan - Uchen

maitreya mantra in Tibetan Uchen script


oṃ mai tri ma hā mai tri mai tri ye svā hā

oṃ maitri mahāmaitri maitriye svāhā


The word maitri means friendly, amicable, benevolent, affectionate. The Pāli equivalent is metta. mahāmaitri is greatly friendly, and maitriye is the dative form of the word and therefore means "to or for the friendly one".

Maitri is related to the word mitra. Mitra was a Vedic god whose function was, along with Varuna, the protector of ṛta, the cosmic order.